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2018 IFC Mobile Food Preparation Vehicles

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     The 2018 International Fire code added a new section (319) for mobile food trucks.  The 2018 edition is planned to be adopted by the State of Idaho in December of 2020.  It will go into effect January 1, 2021.  In anticipation of this happening, I am providing you with the preliminary checklist to ensure your food vehicle is ready for the season.  When you apply for your food vendor permit with the City of Cascade, the food preparation vehicle will require an inspection by the Cascade Rural Fire District.  There will be a fee for the inspection, and if the inspection is successful, you will receive a sticker that is good for one calendar year.  The inspection fee is $45.00.  Please review this document and give me a call if you have any questions.

Cascade Fire Chief


     Mobile food preparation vehicles equipped with appliances that produce smoke or grease-laden vapors are regulated in IFC Section 319.  These vehicles present the same hazards as commercial cooking operations in a restaurant.  The difference is that these vehicles are mobile, and customers normally are not inside the vehicle.  The customers being outside provides them with an easier escape, but the occupants of the vehicle typically have a single exit door available at the end of the vehicle.  There have been incidents within the last several years resulting in injuries and fatalities.  In order to regulate these vehicles, an operational permit is required in IFC Section 105.6.30.  (Ref 319.1)


     Mobile food preparation vehicles are required to be provided with an exhaust hood over the cooking appliances generating smoke or grease laden vapors.  The exhaust hood must be equipped with a fire-extinguishing system, and a portable fire-extinguisher must be provided.  (Ref. 319.3, 319.4)

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