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Fire Extinguishers


1.       Minimum of one (1) sized 2A-10BC all-purpose dry chemical fire extinguisher.

2.       If you use any grease used in your cooking process, a Class K liquid chemical                            extinguisher is also required.

3.       Extinguishers must be mounted in an accessible location so that the head of the                        extinguisher is between 3’- 5’ from the floor.

4.       Extinguishers must also have affixed to it, at the time of inspection, a current                              service tag (within the last eleven (11) calendar months) and shall be a                                        serviceable model per NFPA 10. No plastic-headed fire extinguishers will be                                allowed.


Commercial Cooking Appliance Systems


1.       The fire suppression system (including the portable Class K liquid chemical                                extinguisher), must have a current service tag within the last six (6) months. If it has not              been serviced within the last six (6) months, you will need to have it professionally                      serviced prior to inspection.

2.       A Class K liquid chemical extinguisher must be mounted as indicated above.

3.       The Class K liquid chemical extinguisher must be tagged as indicated above.

4.       The manual activation for the hood suppression must be accessible.

5.       Activation of the suppression system shall also shut off gas to the burners.


1.       One (1) OSHA-compliant metal oily waste can with tight-fitting lid is required.

2.       The size of can depends on the amount of rags to be stored.

3.       Oily waste cans to be emptied daily.

4.       The oily waste can may be located just outside the booth or stand in cases where space            is limited so long as it is accessible during hours of operation.

5.       No other trash or debris may be put in these cans.



1.       All generators and fuel cans shall be separated within ten feet (10'). All fuel cans onsite              shall have a secure lid or cover to control vapor release.

2.       Generators must be isolated from the public to prevent accidental touching of a hot unit.

3.       Generators may not be refueled while the unit is running. Shut the unit down and move it            away from the food truck when refueling.

4.       No multi-outlets strips may be used to power cooking appliances.

LP Gas

1.       LP tanks must be ten feet (10’) from tents/canopies.

2.       LP tanks must be stored and secured in the upright position.

3.       LP refueling may only be done after event hours.

4.       Vendors using propane/LP gas must place “ NO SMOKING – 25’ ” signs on or near their            booth.



1.       No straw, hay, wood chips or other flammable material may be used as ground cover                  where open flame cooking/heating devices are used.

2.       No open flame cooking devices may be under any type of canopy and must be ten feet              (10’) from any flammable fabric.

3.       There shall be one operator that has received training in the use of portable fire                          extinguishers.

4.       Vendors using solid fuel cooking appliances must have a water extinguishing source                   available (hose, bucket or water extinguisher).

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