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Mission Statement

Cascade Rural Fire Protection District (CRFPD) provides the public and neighboring agencies with prompt, expert fire and emergency medical service. We will maintain our knowledge and proficiency in fire, medical, and rescue operations to the best of our ability.


Core Values

Professionalism – Personal accountability in our performance, appearance, and education

Pride – Ownership, self-respect, and passion to serve

Integrity – Doing the right thing when no one is looking

Honor – Courage and self-discipline in the face of adversity

Respect – Treating internal and external partners or patients with dignity and compassion

Duty – Rightful, moral, or legal obligations or responsibility

Excellence – Ensure a high level of service and commitment in all we do

Cascade Rural Fire Protection District is proud to serve our community by providing emergency response to our communities and those who chose to recreate in the great outdoors of Valley County. 

Fire Safety - 2024

During this year's fire season, please ensure you practice good safety measures everyday as you recreate.  We ask for your compliance in ensuring our community and county stay fire-free this summer. 

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The Cascade Fire Community Fund is transitioning to a new website.  To connect with the Non-profit you can connect with them on Facebook.

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