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Burn Permit Application


All Burn Permits are Issued for Cascade City Limits

Contact: Steven Hull

Office: 382-3200

Restrictions No Burning of:


Garbage, Dead Animals of parts thereof, Plastics, Junk Motor Vehicles or Tires or other Rubber Products.  Asphalt or Composition Roofing or any other Asphalt Material or Product, Tar, Tar Paper, Waste or Heavy Petroleum Product, or Paint. Lumber or Timbers with Preservatives.


Attendance to Open Burning:


Fire shall be constantly attended to by the applicant until the fire is extinguished.

This applicant shall have a garden hose connected to a water supply and/or other fire extinguishing equipment ready for use at any time during burning.


Applicants are Responsible:


For damages due to fire, smoke, or odor.  Be responsible for your smoke. Don’t smoke out your neighbors.

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